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The Invisoble Orange presents…
The Satanic Panic Tour
w guests Early Moods
Tuesday November 14, 2023
Hollywood Theatre
Vancouver, BC

Doors 7:00pm 


*** LUCIFER ***

Since its inception in 2014 In Berlin, the highly prolific band led by charismatic singer Johanna Platow Andersson has released four electrifying albums on Rise Above (LUCIFER I) and Century Media Records (LUCIFER II-IV), as well as and numerous stand-alone ingles infused with 1970s hard rock, proto heavy metal, doom and occult rock, with a nod to their main influences such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram & Blue Öyster Cult.

They have played over 200 shows in the Europe, Japan, North & South America, including festivals such as KISS Kruise, Psycho Las Vegas, Hellfest, Wacken and many more, most recently supporting the band Ghost on their European tour in spring 2023.

Two of their shows have been recorded and broadcasted by prestigious German national TV program Rockpalast. 

Lucifer, now located in Stockholm, have been nominated twice for a Swedish Grammy in the category ‘Best Hardrock/Metal Album’ as well as the Swedish Radio Award P3 and several GAFFA nominations. Amongst others, they have graced the cover of the leading US metal magazine, Decibel, before their first album was released. 

The group is currently recording their fifth studio album, LUCIFER V, the first one to be released by their new label, Nuclear Blast Records in the winter of 23/24.

Catch Lucifer live this November in North America on their co-headline tour with Coven!

Lucifer is:
Johanna Platow Andersson (vocals)
Nicke Andersson Platow (drums)
Linus Björklund (guitar)
Martin Nordin (guitar)
Harald Göthblad (bass)

*** COVEN ***

It wouldn’t be a stretch to consider COVEN to be the progenitor of what we now know as occult rock; years before every other heavy band proclaimed to be performing rituals on stage and draped themselves in powerful symbolism – Jinx and co were living it. The furor that surrounded the 1969 release of Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls persisted for many years afterward, the band dogged by controversy everywhere they went. The forward-thinking themes and powerful imagery explored by COVEN paved a pathway for those open-minded enough to follow. Their influence has been far-reaching – from those who shy away from acknowledging this right through to those who worship unreservedly at the altar of COVEN. Jinx Dawson is also recognized as being the instigator of using the “sign the horns” with her hands – a call to arms and a symbol that is used frequently in heavy music across the globe.


The band was founded in 2015 by Andrade and vocalist/keyboardist Alberto Alcaraz after a few years of playing in thrash and death metal projects before the two realized that the classic doom that they’d grown up with was what they really wanted to explore. Going through a few line-up changes while delving deeper into the diverging influences that were calling, Early Moods arrived at the sound and lineup that grew their fanbase locally. The band soon captured the attention of German label Dying Victim Productions, who released their debut EP, Spellbound in 2020. Early Moods is Oscar Hernandez on lead guitar, Chris Flores on drums, Elix Felciano on bass, Alcaraz on vocals/synth, and Andrade on guitar.

The self-titled full-length debut of Los Angeles quintet Early Moods is a marriage of classic underground doom like Candlemass, Witchfinder General, Pentagram, Trouble, and Saint Vitus, paired with traditional “big box” Heavy Metal melodies and song structure. These two contrasting aesthetics may seem incongruous, but the skilled musicianship of Early Moods — some of whom have played music together since their early teens — manages to find the perfect balance between grit and gloss.





Begin 2023-11-14 H 7:00 pm
End 2023-11-14 H 11:30 pm
Location Hollywood Theatre
Address 2123 W Broadway
Phone (778) 819 3065
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