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The Invisible Orange presents…


w/special guests 

Lich King


Friday September 6, 2024
Rickshaw Theatre
Vancouver, BC

Doors 7.00pm 


Nervosa is considered an important reference in the female metal scene as well as in the thrash metal scene worldwide, being known for its compositions characterized by her own style. Prika Amaral started the band in February 2010 with Fernanda Terra (the first drummer), many girls played in Nervosa till July 2011, where they wrote some songs, despite being part of bands from different styles previously, like death metal and crossover, all members see in the compositions of Nervosa a same passion: thrash metal. With strong influences coming from bands of this genre’s classic school, the girls of the band seek to rescue the best in heavy music.

In august of 2011 Fernanda Lira took on the bass and vocals of NERVOSA, and only then, finally with the full team, the band start recording and playing shows.

​In March 2012, the band released their first music video for “Masked Betrayer,” which reached the incredible mark, for a new band, of 20,000 views in just one week, prompting them to receive an Honorable Mention from YouTube, as the 17th most watched clip of musicians of the week and 55th most viewed in the month of March of that year.

​Thanks to the notoriety gained through their hard work, NERVOSA in the following months, achieved a great accomplishment: the contract with the Austrian label Napalm Records, which has in their roster names like Cavalera Conspiracy, WASP, Grave Digger, Moonspell, Huntress, among many others.

“We’re not named after a World of Warcraft character and our 4th album cover has nothing to do with Adventure Time. Thanks so much for asking though.
The point was to create new old-school thrash metal in the vein of EXODUS, VIO-LENCE, S.O.D., SLAYER and others. Lots of bands in the new wave of thrash these days are doing just that, but where we stand out is that we admit it. Tom Martin started Lich King as a one-man project around 2004, as a goof. People seemed to like the music. Our first two albums were released as a solo project posing as an actual band. In 2009 Tom cannibalized a local thrash act called AGES AGO and formed Lich King as a true band for the first time.
We think the sound of thrash was perfected in the 80’s and we’re not trying to add anything to the mix. We’re just coming up with riffs and songs that the old masters didn’t. Despite that fact and our best efforts, we seem to be developing a signature sound. Dammit.
We’ve had five full-length albums since 2007. Each features fast, headbangable riffs in modern stomp anthems, a sometimes comedic yet always violent songwriting sensibility, art and design from Tom Martin, a marked step up in quality from the previous release, and an awesome logo and a mascot.
…A mascot that is not affiliated with a video game.”-Lich King
Hatriot is:
Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza – vocals
Kosta Varvatakis – guitars
Justin Sakogawa – guitars
Cody Souza – bass
Nick Souza – drums
Steve Zetro Souza has once again stepped into the thrash metal world, and has made an immediate impact on the thrash metal scene. The veteran metal singer from such proven bands, i.e., Exodus, Legacy (Testament), Dublin Death Patrol, Tenet, AC/DZ and now with his newest band Hatriot takes his musical roots back in time to the 1980’s when metal was fast, furious, yet still melodic. Still from the Bay Area (which happens to be the evolutionary birthplace of thrash metal) is what sets Hatriot apart from today’s metal world. Not many bands have been able to establish themselves as contenders in this genre since the biggest bands emerged from this time period, but few bands have the musical direction of Steve Zetro Souza, who have been there and done it with global success.
Steve Zetro Souza has a vocal style that few singers possess. He has the power and sting, yet at the same time, his fans can understand what lyric’s he’s actually singing. Not many singers in thrash metal can give you that. Most of all, Zetro delivers! He has his own style that has made him one of the premier singers in all of metal. As when he was with Legacy (now Testament), Steve Zetro Souza writes all of his own twisted lyrics, and with the help of his young guitar wizard, Kosta “V”, the two of them collaborate to bring you the music of Hatriot. Few bands can be fast, loud, powerful and ferocious, while staying musical, melodical and crushing. Hatriot gives you that, along with the pure intensity of a hungry band that wants nothing more than to tour and play live music to fans.
Hatriot, never satisfied with the newer trends in the metal scene, has re-discovered that going back in time, making quality “old school” metal with a proven formula that only Steve Zetro Souza could form and re-invent for this modern era, has put together a band who understands this direction, has perfect chemistry and hits the stage light a freight train! Hatriot, faster than you’ll ever live to be!!!
In 2010 Hatriot Released Their Self-Released, Self Titled, Acclaimed EP:
1) The Fear Within
2) Weapons Of Class Destruction
3) Globacidal
4) The Mechanics Of Annihilation
Already, the band has earned worldwide respect having supported Testament and Forbidden. While only playing three live shows, Hatriot has broken out of the Bay Area metal scene with a vengeance. The band is currently receiving a lot of record label attention. They have written enough strong material to release a debut album that will crush and elevate them to the next level.
You’ve wanted something new and you’ve wanted something heavy. Look out! Hatriot will hit the road and destroy a city near you very soon. Impact is Imminent!!!






Begin 2024-09-06 H 7:00 pm
End 2024-09-06 H 11:00 pm
Location Rickshaw Theatre
Address 254 East Hastings Street
Phone (604) 681-8915
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