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HENRY DEREK ELIS (QAALM) Interview w/ Different Stages Radio Coming Soon!

ARRIVING SOON! HENRY DEREK ELIS (Qaalm, Scar The Martyr, Act Of Defiance) to be interviewed by Different Stages Radio Host J.J.. We'll be taking about QAALM's 2 new releases in 2024! The first will be an EP titled 'First Light At The Last Dawn'  and a brand new album 'Grave Impressions For An Unbroken Arc', upcoming US West Coast Tour starting June 1, Record Stores / Product and much more! Interview will be […]

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ORANGE GOBLIN Release New Single “CEMETERY RATS” From Forthcoming Album ‘SCIENCE, NOT FICTION”

Info below courtesy of ORANGE GOBLIN... **CEMETARY RATS LYRIC VIDEO RELEASED!** Here it folks! The second single to be released from our new album 'Science, Not Fiction', is available in full down below! “You want Metal? You've got Metal! "Cemetary Rats" is an anthem for all the metalheads and rockers, the kids that society deems the 'weirdos and freaks'! Fuck society! This is a song for everyone that likes to hang out in […]

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THE DEAD DAISIES Unleash New Single ‘LIGHT ‘EM UP” From Upcoming Album “LIGHT ‘EM UP”

The Dead Daisies are thrilled to release their first single “Light ‘Em Up” from our upcoming album of the same name today!! This track really sets the tone for the new album and our “Light ‘Em Up” 2024 World Tour where we will Rock you in the US, UK and Europe! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW: "Light 'Em Up" album coming in September! Over a decade ago, The Dead Daisies burst onto […]

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