EIVØR Releases New Single “UPP ÚR ØSKUNI / RISE FROM THE ASHES” From Upcoming Album ‘ENN”

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On her new album, Eivør leans heavier into electronic beats and cosmic orchestration. But ENN’ only deepens the connection to her Nordic roots. The title, which in English means “Still”, grounds her latest artistic leap in the comforts of home. With “UPP ÚR ØSKUNI / RISE FROM THE ASHES”Eivør pays a loving tribute to all the strong women in her life while exploring the dark new depths of her music.

The four-on-the-floor thump of previous single “HUGSI BERT UM TEG / STILL JUST YOU” quietly declared that Eivør can shine as brightly as any pop star. But “UPP ÚR ØSKUNI / RISE FROM THE ASHES” is certainly her most metal moment. The song doesn’t begin with synthetic shimmers but a drum toll that echoes with the ominous force of an ancient spirit waking from deep inside cave. “Sing to the darkness”, she growls from the pit of her throat, conjuring a devilishly anthemic guitar riff that’s bound to enchant the hordes at this year’s Hellfest.


“When I was writing ‘UPP ÚR ØSKUNI / RISE FROM THE ASHES’, I imagined a coven of witches, past and present, chanting to each other across the chasms of time”, Eivør says. That mental image will forever be seared into our cultural memory by the song’s positively bewitching video, which was created by a wickedly talented team of women.

“This video felt like a homecoming in many ways”, she continues. “I had a strong urge that to capture the spirit of “UPP ÚR ØSKUNI / RISE FROM THE ASHES”, we needed to film in the Faroe Islands. Katrin Joensen Næss was the perfect choice for director, as the two of us shared the same aesthetic vision. We were joined by an amazing team of Faroese female artists whom I also admire. Art Director Jenný Kragesteen, Costume Designer Maibritt Marjunardóttir and the rest of these wonderful women all delivered their special magic to this video. In the spirit of the song, we all felt that we rose from the ashes together creating this visual world. I couldn’t be more proud or more grateful for this collaboration”.   

‘ENN’ is Eivør‘s first offering for the international metal label Season of Mist. But “UPP ÚR ØSKUNI / RISE FROM THE ASHES” was the last song that she wrote for the album. “I wanted to complement the earthy vibes of ‘ENN’ with something raw, that was coursing with untamed feminine energy”, she says. Where lead single “JARÐARTRÁ/DUST TO DUST” beckoned us back into the blue embrace of Mother Earth, “UPP ÚR ØSKUNI / RISE FROM THE ASHES” cries out in celebration of all the mothers, sisters and other strong women in her life.

Eivør comes from one of the smallest places on the planet. She grew up in a village of 400 people, tucked away among the Faroe Islands. That she now performs on the world’s biggest stages – from the UEFA Champions League to The Game Awards and Red Rocks – is nothing short of extraordinary. But she hasn’t forgotten all of the women who have supported her along the way. With its heaving bass line, “UPP ÚR ØSKUNI / RISE FROM THE ASHES” certainly possesses dark undertones, but her falsetto soars above the song’s heavenly bridge. “We glide on powerful wings / Stride into our certainty“, she sings, followed by her own echo, as if the voices of women past and present are lifting her to even greater heights. 

“I’ve never written a girl power song” Eivør says. “I guess it was about time”.

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